The best months for travel in Australia

Here you can find the average temperature range, and our suggested tour times for each area. Weather is, well, unpredictable, but we find that sticking to these timelines helps ensure that every journey we go on is an unforgettable one.


Good for travel all year round.

10°C to 26°C (50°F – 79°F)


Best from September to May (it gets cold June, July and August, down to about 6°C)

8°C to 27°C (46°F – 81°F)


Good for travel all year (the rainy season being January and February)

12°C to 29°C (54°F – 84°F)


Best from March to June and September to November (too hot December to Feb 38°C)

6°C to 34°C (43°F – 93°F)


February to November (rainy season December and January)

18°C to 31°C (64°F – 88°F)

Broken Hill/Outback

August to November and March to June

15°C to 33°C (59°F – 91°F)

Perth via Nullarbor Plains

August to November and March to May

10°C to 26°C (50°F – 79°F)


Best from November to April (very cold from June to September 5°C)

10°C to 22°C (50°F – 72°F)


March to November (rainy season December to February)

20°C to 33°C (68°F – 91°F)

Snowy Mountains

October to May (possible snow from June to September 0°C)

9°C to 28°C (48°F – 82°F)

Check out the current temperatures in Australia, or view the National Rain Radar Loop.

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